JO1 (ジェイオーワン) is a new up and coming Japanese global boy group where the 11 members were chosen through the survival program "Produce 101 Japan".

The group is managed by LAPONE Entertainment.


Produce 101 Japan

Airing from September 26, 2019 through TBS and GyaO! until December 5, 2019, 101 males ranging from 16-30 years old who weren't signed with an agency could audition to debut.

Through the program, they had to go through various battles such as "position battle", "group battle", "concept battle" and "debut battle". In order to not get eliminated, the national producers had to vote for their number one pick. Those who failed to pass through the particular range, were eliminated.

Finally, 20/101 males are left for the final stage, held on December 11, 2019, where 11 trainees were chosen for the debut group. Those picked by the national producers are to debut in 2020 as "JO1".

2020 Debut

Signing with LAPONE Entertainment, JO1 will debut in 2020 and will hold their first fan meeting.

The members have also travelled to Korea in order to train for their debut and will reportedly be making their debut in February.[2]

On February 1, 2020 JO1 performed at the after party at LVMidosuji Maison in Osaka.[3]

Fanclub Name

On January 10, 2020 JO1 announced their fanclub name through their official YouTube channel. Prior to the announcement, fans were allowed to send in their suggestions and the members picked whatever they liked. With over 5,000 people sending in suggestions, there included "JO1s", "&JOY", "Ohash1", "1DER", "JUS1" amongst others.

Their fans are called "JAM" which stands for:
J for "JO1", A for "and", and M for "Me".
"JO1 and Me", meaning "JO1 and the fans".[4]



Kanji Birth Date Position Final Rank

Issei Mamehara

豆原 一成 May 30, 2002 Center 1
Ren Kawashiri 川尻 蓮 March 2, 1997 2
Takumi Kawanishi 川西 拓実 June 23, 1999 3
Shosei Ohira 大平 祥生 April 13, 2000 4
Shion Tsurubo 鶴房 汐恩 December 11, 2000 5
Ruki Shiroiwa 白岩 瑠姫 November 19, 1997 6
Keigo Sato 佐藤 景瑚 July 29, 1998 7
Syoya Kimata 木全 翔也 April 5, 2000 8
Junki Kono 河野 純喜 January 20, 1998 9
Sukai Kinjo 金城 碧海 May 6, 2000 10
Sho Yonashiro 與那城 奨 October 25, 1995 Leader 11


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